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About you
+ male or female?
+ Do you label people? nope. labels are for nonliving products,
+ What is indie to you? being independent and unique
+ Astrology sign? umm...scorpio
+ What do you think about the shallowness of the world? it sucks that some people can't see past their noses
+ Do you judge by the cover of a person? nope
+ Doesn't it bother you when people are ignorant about things happening in this world? of course it doesn't.
+ Do you play an instrument? learning. If so which one? guitar
+ Are you an activist? about somethings yeah
+ Do you consider yourself dorky? yep
+ Are you a Rage against the Machine Fan?
+ What are your top 7 bands? i don't like having favorite bands. they're all the same greatness to me.
+ Are you open to many kinds of music? of course

+ do you do subtitles? yep
+ Amelie? mmmmmm..... not yet
+ Have you heard of The Velocity Of Gary? nope
+ How often do you go see movies? whenever i can
+ Rent movies? all the time
+ Buy movies? when i have enough money
+ What's your favorite movie Category? drama
+ Have you ever had a movie night with your friends where you watch like 7 movies in a row without stopping? yep

+ What do you think about seahorses? nice to look at
+ Jellyfish are like zombies... agree or disagree....? i'm gonna agree cuz they're both ugly yet fascinating
+ How did you find this community?i clicked on indie in my interests
+ What do you do when someone comes up to you and says they like your t-shirt? a & d
a. -Tell them thank you
b. -say thank you then realize they have the same shirt after they already walked away...
c. -compliment their t-shirt and buddy holly glasses
d. -start a conversation of Adult swim and the Aqua Team Hunger Force.'
+ Are air vents scary?
only when its dark and you're alone in the house
+ What about Paper mache? eh...i guess


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