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About you
+ male or female? Female
+ Do you label people? No
+ What is indie to you? Muscians, film-makers,and artists alike who do their own thing, even if no one's interested. Or loving something independetly, without any influence from any source at all. Discovering something or creating something you love, even if you have to enjoy it by yourself.
+ Astrology sign? Aries
+ What do you think about the shallowness of the world? You know,
+ Do you judge by the cover of a person? Well no.
+ Doesn't it bother you when people are ignorant about things happening in this world? Jes.
+ Do you play an instrument? If so which one? No. I would like to learn the bass.
+ Are you an activist? (Don't answer if you don't know) In some ways.
+ Do you consider yourself dorky? (Like, do you have a dorky side?)Yes, I would say so.

+ Are you a Rage against the Machine Fan? No
+ Any new bands we should hear about? Can you link them? I don't know if they are new to you but: Benzos, M.I.A., De Novo Dahl, Sleater-Kinney, and Engineers
+ What are your top 7 bands? Interpol, Air, Weezer, The Shins, Coldplay, Modest Mouse, Radiohead(and Gorillaz, sorry)
+ Are you open to many kinds of music? Yes, except for Country and R&B

+ do you do subtitles? Sure.
+ Amelie? Love it.
+ Have you heard of The Velocity Of Gary?  No
+ How often do you go see movies? As often as I can.
+ Rent movies?Yes.
+ Buy movies? Yes.
+ What's your favorite movie Category?I'm not sure, I really couldn't say.
+ Have you ever had a movie night with your friends where you watch like 7 movies in a row without stopping?I do ALL the time, especially with my friend Hayley.

+ What do you think about seahorses? I think they are beautiful.
+ Jellyfish are like zombies... agree or disagree....? Disagree. Well, actually I agree a little.
+ How did you find this community?I was looking for icons.
+ What do you do when someone comes up to you and says they like your t-shirt?
a. -Tell them thank you
+ Are air vents scary? Noisy ones.
+ What about Paper mache? No, it's actually very useful and I like it.
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